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H.P Lovecraft’s Cat Name

Name of HP Lovecraft’s Cat was Nigger Man. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (August 20, 1890 – March 15, 1937), regarded as H. P. Lovecraft, was once an American creator who completed a posthumous reputation through his influential works of horror fiction.

Who is H.P Lovecraft?

H.P Lovecrafts was a very famous writer during the year nineteen eighty-five. His works "The Dream Cycle" and "At the Mountains of the Moon" have made an indelible impression on modern generations of readers. Some people consider him to be the father of modern horror fiction. Others, including myself, consider him to be the father of the modern archetype of the Weird Al phenomena.

Lovecrafts was a creation of a poor poet called HG Wells, who created the tales of the "Lovecrafts" to amuse his young wife and enable her to learn the art of writing. His tales have ever since been greatly admired for their powerful portrayal of the unknown. Many readers are familiar with the story of "The Dunwich Horror", where a man with no known name peeks out of the shadows into the middle of a crowded night-time street. He stands there watching the things that pass him and observes the actions and strange reactions of those who pass him. Two men come up to him and one of them tries to rape him, while the other manages to push back the aggressor.

When the other man flees in fright, Lovecrafts has a curious cat that follows him all throughout his life, and even after he is dead. One night the cat follows him into his house, but cannot harm him, and so keep watching until one day it disappears. Two years later, another strange thing happens - the same cat returns again, but this time it is carrying something. This time it carries an egg, and when it tries to rape the poor man, the egg explodes sending shock waves all throughout the house.

H.P Lovecraft’s Cat Name

It is not until the following day that anyone notices anything wrong and investigates the house. Two of the residents, sisters, are suspicious of what they see and go away to check it out further. It is when they return that they find that the house is on fire, and one of the sisters is being brutally murdered by the other sister.

It is not until the police arrive and do their own investigation that they discover the victim's name, as it appears to be H.P. Lovecrafts. They mistake the name for another man whose last name is Moore. The police find nothing to suspect him of any wrongdoing, but are unable to find the address for the address listed in his birth certificate. Finally, one of the detectives, named Mike Banner, tracks down Moore's address. But the address he eventually gets is the same one that the deceased mentioned as his middle name.

When the police ask Lovecrafts why he would name his only son H.P. Lovecrafts, he replies that it was because his family always wondered if H.P. could write stories of horror and fantasy and that the name was just a way to cement in his readers' minds the fact that he was a writer, and that he loved to tell ghost stories. His publisher, Robert E. Howard, liked the name and requested that it be used. Howard would later state that H.P. Lovecrafts was his middle name, and that he derived the name from his love of cats.

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